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Explore Lisbon with a Lisbon Car Hire

As Portugal´s capital city, Lisbon holds a concentration of historical and cultural attractions and is the nation´s most cosmopolitan city by far.

Standing roughly halfway between north and south, it is also strategically placed for exploring the central regions, with your car hire Lisbon, of Estemadura and Ribatejo.

Estremadura is a region of rocky coast and flat plains, flanked by gentle hills to the north and south, and sprinkled with historic towns such as Sintra and Alcobaça. Easy to reach with your car hire Portugal.

The Ribatejo region to the northwest of Lisbon is less culturally rich. However, as it encompasses the flood-plain of the Tagus, its fecundity lies in the alluvial soil, allowing wheat and rice to be grown, and horses and cattle to graze on fertile pastures.

The only place of great historical note in Ribatejo is Tomar, where the Order of Crist, successors of the crusading Knights Templar, had their base.

In a country with a reputation for melancholy, Lisbon is proud to call itself the national playground as well as the nation´s capital. As a laid-back and attractive city, it makes an excellent short-break destination for tourists.

If you are fit, the steep gradients of the hills over which central Lisbon is scattered are best explored on foot. You can leave your Lisbon car hire in one of the large parking areas in the city or at your Hotel. The most famous part of town is the Alfama district, a labyrinth of cobbled alleys, miniature squares and whitewashed houses, rising in tiers from the Tagus.

The architectural contrast with the nearby, low-lying Baixa district, which was totally destroyed in the devastating earthquake of 1755, is dramatic. This area was rebuilt in precise grid form with magnificent squares and avenues.

Another district which attracts visitors to Lisbon is the Bairro Alto.This is the most Bohemian quarter of the city, rising to the west in steep streets and stone staircases, and lined with restaurants, fado houses and mildly raffish bars. The lower part of the district, from where several lifts rise to the upper reaches, is the elegant Chiado, with fashionable department stores and tea houses. The area is being painstakingly restored after a serious fire in 1988.

Westwards along the Tagus, one of the other areas of Lisbon not to be missed is Belém. This suburb is home to some of Lisbon´s finest Manueline architecture, evoking Portugal´s great era of world discovery.

What to see in Lisbon:

Castelo de São Jorge Yolisipónia, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, museu Calouste Gulbenkian, museu da marinha, museu dos coches, oceanário, padrão dos descobrimentos, palácio da ajuda, praça do comércio, Sé Cathedral, Torre de Belém.

You can reach these places of interest with your Lisbon car hire, or leave your car in the parking areas in or outside the city centre. Most hotels in Lisbon have parking areas available.

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