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See Lagos in a Lagos Car Hire

Near the River Bensafrim near the Algarve is the city of Lagos. It has a population of about 18,000 and is known for its history and lovely beaches. Most of its inhabitants are employed in agriculture and forestry. It is also an ancient marine town with 2,000 years of history. In 1174, the St. John the Baptist Church was constructed. It is the oldest church in the Algarve. To get around Lagos and see these historic structures and learn about its fascinating history, do it in a Lagos car hire. You can get a Lagos car hire as soon as you land at the airport.

There are many beautiful beaches surrounding Lagos. The Praia de Dona Ana is a 25 minute walk from the town’s center. The Praia do Camilo and Meia Praia beaches are nearby. The most famous beach is the Ponta da Piedade and the Lagos bays. Visitors love to explore its caves and swim in the transparent waters. The Barragem de Bravura is north of Lagos and provides a wonderful view for visitors. You can park your Lagos car hire near the beaches.

Lagos is also known for its fishing industry. Fishing has long been a main source of income for Lagos residents. Also, the town was an important naval center in the 15th century. From 1576 to 1756 it was the capital of Algarve. In 1755, it was badly damaged by an earthquake. It was rebuilt and many structures from the 17th and 18th century are still standing. There is also a beautiful marina located in the city. See it and more when you rent a Lagos car hire.

Some other interesting places to see while in Lagos are:

Odiáxere – With its white-walled houses, this picturesque village has a wonderful panoramic view of the Lagos bay. The main church was built in the 18th century and has a doorway built with red Silo es sandstone. It is decorated in 16th century style and the altars have 18th century icons such as a Christ in Indo Portuguese ivory. See this gorgeous historic structure in a Lagos car hire.

Bensafrim – This small town is surrounded by hills that look down toward the sea. Valuable works of art hang in its church. Nearby is the Forte Velha cemetery. Roman ruins are located in this area. See it in your Lagos car hire

Luz – This fishing port is an important tourist center. It has a medieval church with gothic triumphal arches and vaults. Get to see it all in a Lagos car hire.

There are also many beaches and resorts in Lagos. But do not try to do it all on foot or with tourists groups with strict schedules. Be free and get a Lagos car hire.

Lagos is in the country of Portugal. In a Portugal car hire, you can Lagos and more. See Lagos in a Lagos Car Hire. Also see the Algarve in an Algarve car hire. They are all affordable.

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