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See Faro in a Faro Car Rental

The city of Faro is located in the Algarve. It serves as the Algarve’s capital. Each year, millions of tourists visit Faro and stay in one of the many resorts there. Faro’s airport, located just west of the city, is the city’s gateway for tourists, who come to see the sights. The best way to see all of the beautiful sights of Faro is to get a Faro car rental. We can arrange for a Faro car rental to be waiting for you as soon as you land at the airport. A cheap car hire Faro will take you where ever you want to go in Faro.

Faro offers its visitors much to see and do. Located at the edge of the famous Ria Formosa lagoon, Faro has miles and miles of golden, sandy beaches. Wetlands and salt flats surround the city. It is just about 10 kilometers from the beach. To get to the beaches, get a Faro car rental. It is the best way to get to the beach.

Over the centuries, Faro has garnished quite an extraordinary history. It was captured by Afonso III in the last days of Arab rule in Portugal. In 1596, the British destroyed the Spanish-ruled city. An earthquake threatened to destroy it in 1755. It nearly destroyed nearby Lisbon. However, there are still many historical structures that survived both occupation and disasters. You can see them all in a Faro car rental. A Faro car hire gives you instant access to all of the sights of Faro.

You can reach just about any destination in Faro by getting a Faro car rental. Park your car rental Faro at the São Franchisco park place and see the sights of Faro.

Some other attractions in Faro include:

Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of the Bones) – This chapel has some unique architecture. Its walls are lined with the bones and skulls of long-dead monks. Come see this fascinating structure when visiting Faro. To see it, park your Faro car rental nearby for easy access.

Musea maritime (maritime museum) – Fishing has long been a part of Faro’s industrial section. This museum, located in the harbor master’s office near the sea, displays relics from Faro’s fishing industry from long ago to the present. You can reach it in your Faro car rental.

Sé (Cathedral) – If you like architecture, then this cathedral is for you. It has many architectural styles including Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Ancient tiles line the walls of the side chapels. If want to get some shade, the cathedral’s interior is a great place to cool off during a hot day. You can drive your Faro car rental to the cathedral to see this gorgeous structure.

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