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Explore in a Faro Car Hire

Located in the beautiful Algarve is the capital city of Faro. Millions of tourists come through Faro’s airport every year to visit the South coast resorts. Once they get off the plane, tourists usually get a rental car to drive around and see the sights. When visiting Faro, get a Faro car hire to drive around in. Your Faro car hire can be waiting for you as soon as your plane arrives. Being in your own rental car is the best way to see Faro.

There are many beautiful sights to behold in Faro. Built at the edge of a wide lagoon, Faro is surrounded by wetlands and salt flats. It’s just a few kilometers from the beach. There are also tiny islands nearby, which are sometimes covered up by the tide.

Faro’s history extends back over the centuries. Afonso III captured the Moorish city during the lasts days of Arab rule in Portugal. The British destroyed the town in 1596 and an earthquake leveled the city in 1755. This is the same earthquake that nearly destroyed nearby Lisbon. Despite this, many of Faro’s historic structures have survived. You can see them all in a Faro car hire.

All of these beautiful destinations can be reached in a Faro car hire. Just park your Faro car hire at the São Franchisco park place and get on with the sightseeing.

Other places you can see in your Faro car hire are:

Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of the Bones) – Come see the crypt of the Igreja do Carmo, where the walls are lined with human bones and the skulls of dead monks. Park your Faro car hire at the Largo do Carmo for easy access to this brooding, but fascinating site.

Musea maritime (maritime museum) – Located in the harbor master’s office near the sea, this museum displays relics of Faro’s most popular industry – fishing. See models of ancient fishing boats, recreated in expert detail. The museum also displays crab and cuttlefish traps as well as harpoons used for hunting sharks and tuna. Park your Faro car hire near the Rua Comunidade Lusiada and check out this wonderful museum.

Sé (Cathedral) – This historic cathedral has many architectural styles including Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. It has 17th and 18th century tiles in the side chapels on both sides of the nave. It’s shady interior make for a great break from the hot sun. Park your Faro car hire at the Largo da Sé to check it out.

Featured Article: Faro Car Hire Service

[Posted on April 27]

Planning a vacation to the beautiful city of Faro?  One of the conveniences that many consider essential is their own transportation.  While Portugal is incredibly beautiful, the one way to maximize your visit to this city and the outer region is with your own transportation.  This is why Faro car hire service is definitely worth your consideration.

Select a Vehicle from Our Huge Inventory
One of the reasons that Faro car hire service is extremely popular in Portugal is that we offer a wide selection of vehicles to choose from.  In fact, no matter if you are visiting Faro for business, pleasure or a sporting event; you will find the right vehicle to fit your needs.  We offer economy vehicles in both 3 and 5 doors to fit almost any budget, comfortable family sedans, luxury vehicles for driving around Faro in style, convertibles to maximize the sun, 4x4 Jeeps to see every nook and cranny this country offers and even large people movers such as mini buses for business trips or larger families.  In addition, you should also note that our Faro car hire service offers vehicles with convenient features that make driving more comfortable including: air conditioning, roof racks for carrying luggage or sporting equipment and automatic transmissions.

Top Quality Customer Service
Besides a great line of vehicles to choose from at Faro car hire service, you can also count on top quality customer service.  Driving in a foreign country for many can be stressful, especially if they become lost or have an issue with a vehicle.  This is why we at have made it as easy as possible for our clients to contact us- no matter what time it is day or night.  We offer 24 hour phone service so you can feel secure that we will always be there to help if an issue occurs.  Besides our 24 hours phone service, we also offer a wide range of services from picking up your vehicle at the airport with ease to dropping off your vehicle at the end of your trip conveniently. 

Choose and Save
There has never been a better time to choose’s Faro car hire service than today.  We not only offer some of the best vehicles and customer service in the industry, but you also receive some of the most affordable rates available.  We even include services for free that usually other companies charge for including: free unlimited mileage in Portugal, free second driver and much more.  Don’t delay, book your vehicle today using our simple web form.


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