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Explore Faro in a Car Rental Faro

Faro is a university town and serves as the capital of the Algarve outside Portugal. Millions travel to the city each year, landing at its airport which acts as the city’s gateway to pleasure. When traveling to Faro, get a car rental Faro. It is the best way to get around and see all the gorgeous sights of Faro.

The beautiful terrain of Faro is a sight to behold. It is at the edge of the Ria Formosa lagoon and has wetlands and salt flats that surround it. Nearby are the golden beaches, with some parts so remote you think you will have your own private beach. There are tiny islands right off the beach that is covered up by the tide from time to time. To get to these remote places, you need a car rental Faro. It gives you the freedom to explore without the hassles of tourist groups. A Faro car hire can translate into freedom.

Faro’s history is a remarkable one. Afonso III captured the city during the final days of Arab rule in Portugal. The British destroyed the Spanish-occupied town in 1596. In 1755, an earthquake rumbled through the area, nearly destroying it. However, it has survived all this and is still one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. To see this historic town, get a car rental Faro. That way you do not miss a thing.

It is easy to get a car rental Faro. You can have one waiting for you as soon as you land at the airport. A Faro Airport car hire is just the thing to get the adventure started in. Just park your car rental Faro at the São Franchisco park place and get on with the adventure!

Other places to check out in a Faro car rental while in Faro are:

Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of the Bones) – The chapel walls are lined with skulls and bones of monks who lived long ago. The crypt of the Igreja do Carmo is a fascinating sight for sure. Park your car rental Faro nearby and see this dark, yet captivating attraction.

Musea maritime (maritime museum) – This museum highlights one of Faro’s most prevalent industries – fishing. The museum displays ancient fishing boats and shows how they evolved over the years. It also has historic fishing equipment used to catch sharks and tuna. You can get to the museum by parking your car rental Faro nearby.

Sé (Cathedral) – With its varied architectural designs ranging from Gothic to Renaissance to Baroque, the Sé Cathedral is a must-see stop when in Faro. Ancient tiles line the wall in the side chapels. If you want a break from the sun, the cathedral is a great place to visit because of its shady interior. Park you car rental Faro nearby to see this historic structure.

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