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Explore Portugal in a Car Hire Algarve

Portugal opened its door to the world in the 1970s after years of dictatorship rule. It caught up with the rest of Europe in a short amount of time, going from a city stuck in the Middle Ages to a modern-day city. Once its citizens had a taste of freedom, they revolutionized the city and developed it rapidly. A cheap car hire Portugal is the best way to see this rising city.

Nearly 40 years later, people are discovering that the Algarve is a rewarding and economical vacation destination. Despite many visitors, the Algarve still retains its natural beauty. To see the beauty of the Algarve, rent a car hire Algarve when traveling there.

Certain parts of the Algarve are still wild and undeveloped. It has many small bays and coves where you can swim in the cool waters. Also, there are miles of golden beaches where you can relax and catch some sun. Some areas are remote, so you can set up your own private beach if you want. To get to those private beaches, rent an Algarve car hire.

The Algarve has much to offer visitors. You can go to the beach, play on one of its many golf courses, check out the nightlife or bask in the sun. If you like history, there is plenty of it at the Algarve. There are many old churches and centuries-old towns surrounding the Algarve. If you like hiking, take a stroll along the paths located on the cliffs of the Algarve. While walking, enjoy the orange-scented groves, wild flowers and butterflies.

The easiest way to get to all of these beautiful locations is to rent a care hire Algarve.

Car hire Algarve has reasonable priced rental cars. Check out our price list and do not waste time looking at more expensive car rental companies.

Book you car hire Algarve with us today!

Also, visit nearby Faro in a Faro car hire when in Portugal.

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Convenient Car Hire Algarve

[Posted on April 7]

If you are planning a trip to Algarve, Portugal one of the conveniences that help you maximize your stay is a rental car.  At, we offer quality and affordable car hire Algarve.  Our service is known throughout the area as one of the best values around and when you view our large selection of vehicles, incredibly affordable prices and attention to customer service, you will not hesitate to book your vehicle with us for your next trip to Algarve.

A Wide Selection of Vehicles for Any Type of Trip
If you are planning a trip, car hire Algarve has the car that fits your needs.  Whether you are planning on coming to Algarve for business alone, planning a family vacation or would like to bring a large group to the area, we offer plenty of vehicles to choose from that maximize convenience and comfort.  For instance, we offer budget friendly 3 door and 5 door economy vehicles, family sedans and luxury vehicles.  Besides these cars you will find, we also offer specialty vehicles to get the most out of your trip.  You will find 4x4 Jeeps, convertibles and large people movers like mini buses and mini vans.  At you can count on a vehicle that fits your needs. Delivers Great Service
Renting is just the beginning when you book car hire Algarve with  We are extremely committed to offering top service so that you can enjoy your vacation or have an efficient business trip.  We not only make it easy to contact us if you have any questions or issues with our 24 hour access number, but offer plenty of services that make it easier to receive your rental car and drop it off once your stay has ended.

At, the Price is Affordable
When you rent a car with us, you not only get a great rate, but plenty of extras that many other companies charge you for.  With our car hire Algarve, we can save you a bundle of money which you can put towards your trip instead of being nickel and dimed.  Besides a great rate, we offer free unlimited mileage in Portugal, free second driver and plenty of other services that usually cost extra.  And because we don’t have any hidden fees, it is easy to know the entire price of your rental vehicle.  Take advantage of our car hire Algarve today.  Reserve your vehicle for your next stay.  With our free online booking service on our website, you can receive a great vehicle at a great price.

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