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Alvor car hire will bring you excitement

Getting to Alvor is easy. All you have to do is head east down Highway A22 or EN125 from Faro in your Alvor car hire and you are there. Alvor is located on a hillside between Portimão and Lagos. You can see the flat-roofed houses that overlook the harbor along the Alvor River. All of the roads lead toward the riverfront. Fishing is popular pastime at Alvor. It is located just five kilometers west of Portimão/Praia da Rocha.

Alvor is not as commercialized as the Algarve resorts. It still has narrow streets just like they were centuries ago. It still possess that old town charm that visitors love. Over the past 40 years, Alvor has spread outwards. While it is difficult to drive in Alvor’s narrow streets, you can park nearby in your Alvor car hire at the village’s outskirts. Your Alvor car hire will be safe there, so you can enjoy the sights without worry.

Along the town’s center are many shops that sell various merchandise. There are many souvenir shops along the way so you can buy T-shirts, mugs or postcards. Also, if you want something that has a taste of Portugal, there are shops that sell items made from cork, which is the country’s major export. There are handcrafted items from Portugal, South America and Asia for sale in the shops. The prices are not out of this world, so you do not have to worry about spending too much money. They are easy to get to in a Alvor car hire.

If you want to get a little bit of nightlife, it is just a few steps away from the fishing village. There are many bars and restaurants located nearby. Catering is a big business in the Algarve. There are about 200 restaurants and bars in the village. That means you can be there a while and never have the same meal twice. You can get charcoal-grilled fish one day and then have some international food the next. Drive to one of these restaurants in your Algarve car hire.

The resorts around Alvor also offer much pleasure. Walk along the promenade along the riverfront to the paved footpath that leads to the marshland, saltpans and mudflats. This is a great place to visit for bird-watchers and nature lovers. Park you Alvor car hire nearby to get to the paths.

If you like to swim, check out one of the small coves along the sandy beaches. It has three miles of beach from the river to the surrounding Três Irmãos. It is not crowded like some other beaches. You can relax in one of the deck chairs, try your hand at some water sports or just have some great food. You can park your Algarve car hire nearby and get easy access to all of the great places in Alvor. There is a lot of history in Alvor, too. There was once a castle there, built during Moorish occupation. It was destroyed in 1755 by an earthquake. The Parish Church was rebuilt after the earthquake and it still stands with its ancient architecture from the Manueline era in the doorway. It is one of the few remaining structures that survived the earthquake. It is a great refuge from the hot sun with its shady interior. You can get to the church in your Alvor car hire. There are many things to see and do in Alvor. Get to see them all in your Alvor car hire. Yor Cars has many affordable car hire Algarve for you.

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